A Social Entrepreneur that Provides Water to Rural Areas in Rwanda

Venuste Kubwimana is a Rwandan social entrepreneur who is trying to succeed in an environment where only economically profitable businesses thrive. His social enterprise, ‘Water Kiosk at School’ has more aims than profits.

Kubwimana does not hold any formal education degree. He struggled to join high school but later drop out, thanks to poverty. However, he has been trying to work hard in order to dispel the common myth that tertiary education is the only way to success.

Kubwimana believes that his social entrepreneurship is helping him edge closer to his dream. Using a quite unique model, he provides clean water closer to the communities, particularly schools in the East African region.

In many parts of the East African region, access to water is a huge challenge. In Rwanda alone, over five million people do not have access to clean water and more than 900 children under the age of five years die each year from diarrhea, according to WaterAid. In addition, many school-going children walk many kilometers so as to fetch water from wells and rivers before going to school.

Inspired by his personal experience and the desire to change the world, Water Kiosk at School fights the world’s water crisis that is limiting the dreams of many African children.





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