Four YouTube Channels that Social Entrepreneurs Should Watch

There are many places that we can turn to for advice when we are looking for knowledge, experience or inspiration. If you want to improve your social enterprise, the following YouTube Channels will help you move forward:

1. School for Social Entrepreneurs

School for Social Entrepreneurs has been running for over two decades.  The enterprise offer many videos running through almost everything from setting up a social enterprise to funding tips, with interviews with entrepreneurs, features and tutorials that inspire and educate. 

2. TED Talks

Whether you’re running a small business, looking to broaden your horizons or you’re just pursuing a passion, TED Talks will provide you with necessary information. This YouTube channels boasts of thousands of videos, covering a huge range of topics, and there are also many useful playlists.

3. Google Small Business

Although Google may not be the first tech company you think of when it comes to looking for advice for your social enterprise, it actually provides a wide-ranging list of videos that can improve your entrepreneurial skills.

4. Derek Halpern

There are many people on YouTube who can provide you with knowledge and inspiration needed in social entrepreneurship. For example, social entrepreneur Derek Halpern provides useful how to videos that include the lessons he’s learned and some top tips for to run a successful social enterprise.

Other must watch YouTube channels for social entrepreneurs are Y Combinator, Marie Forleo, UnLtd For Social Entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk, Skillshare and Entrepreneur.


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