Nozipho Zulu: A Social Entrepreneur Who is Turning Trash into Treasure

One of the main misconceptions about recycling is that it is an informal business. According to a recent GreenCape Market Intelligence Report, current waste economy in South Africa is estimated to be worth R15 billion and offers 29,833 people with employment.

Nozipho Zulu, a social entrepreneur in South Africa, believe that people need to be educated on recycling because many do not know when they are throwing away valuable materials. Zulu is the owner of ZuluGal Retro, a business which is economically helping intellectually disabled people, working and living in townships. She not only empowers these people but also make products from recycled materials.

According to Cape Mental Health Spokesperson Gerrie Van Eeden, about 7.5 percent of the population lives with some form of disability. Unfortunately, this group is most often left out from various aspects of life as there is a perception that they cannot play a meaningful role owing to their disability. Zulu believe that these people really need our support in the business sector.

Although she faces many challenges in her business, Zulu credits the support she gets from RedBull Amaphiko Academy. She was selected by the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy as one of the top social entrepreneurs in S Africa. She attended their in-house training and benefited from their mentorship programme.



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