Social Entrepreneurship is the Solution to Global Crises

How would you respond to the fact that more than 25,000 children die every day around the world? Poverty, easily preventable diseases and hunger are some of the silent killers behind these deaths. The death of children is just one instance of crisis among many global crises like the conflict, energy crisis, and unemployment.

According to the International Labor Organization, nearly 202 million individuals were unemployed in 2013, an increase of about 5 million from the previous year. The majority of world’s unemployed people live in the East Asia and South Asian region. If the current trends continue, unemployment is set to worsen, exceeding 215 million jobseekers by the end of this year.

To mitigate the effects of the above-mentioned crises, we need sustainable solutions, creating a sufficient number of jobs to address extra 2.6 million workers in the market every year, and at the same time reducing mortality rates from causes such as disease and hunger.

Today, situations and examples show that social entrepreneurship can be the most enduring solution to global crises. Social entrepreneurs are agents of positive change in their communities, providing opportunities to people by inventing new approaches. Unlike the majority of non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs’ work targets not only small-scale and immediate strategies, but mainly focuses on sweeping and long-term changes.



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