Social Enterprises Impacting Lives Using Renewable Energy

Globally, about 1.3 billion people live without access to a power grid. Therefore, no industry has more potential to tap into both economic gains and social good than renewable energy. While we are still waiting for governments and big business to provide renewable energy, some social entrepreneurs are tackling the problem by creating innovative green technologies. The following social enterprises not only provide clean energy solutions to communities but also benefit the environment:

1.       SunnyMoney

SunnyMoney is a nongovernment organization that installs solar panel systems in learning institutions across Africa.  It sells affordable, handheld lanterns for families who don’t have access to power. The organization is currently the largest distributor and seller of solar lanterns in Africa.

2.       Solarkiosk

 This is a solar-powered autonomous business hub that utilizes solar power to provide rural off-grid people with sustainable energy and energy-related services and products. The kiosk offers a sustainable source of energy to charge things like mobile phones and refrigerators.  Currently, this start-up is currently operating in Kenya, Botswana and Ethiopia.

3.       Pollinate Energy

Created by a group of Australians, Pollinate Energy sells renewable energy products such as the Sunking solar lamp to Indian families that do not have access to electricity. This social enterprise helps local entrepreneurs to start their own business to bring energy, water and other basics to their communities.



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