Translating Passion and Ideas to a Social Enterprise

You have the compassion to change the world— so what can you do to turn that energy into a successful social enterprise? Here are five steps you need to take in order to transform your vision into reality:

1.       Identify a problem that you really want to solve in your life

What excites and make your conversation animated?  Only a true passion can sustain your business for a long period of time. Choosing an area that you need to focus on should come from your heart; should not be matter of intellectual calculation.

2.        Have a plan for solving the problem you have identified

Initially, your plan will be rough, but you have to start somewhere. While preparing this plan, it is advisable to consult with people who share your passion. As you develop it, keep in mind that the plan must be attractive to yourself, to family and friends.

3.       Decide if you need assistance of other people

  If you’re going to need any help, think about who might want to assist you.  Are there people who share your passion about the problem? Will they be good team players? Will they bring some expertise? If you need help, look for people who will make you grow.

4.       Execute your plan

With your business plan in hand, you have all you need to set up a social enterprise. The next step is to put your plan into action. As you execute your plan, ensure you are adaptable and agile.



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