Three Women-focused Social Enterprises Run by Women

Women-focused social enterprises help women and girls have more productive lives than before. Today, I will highlight three women-focused social enterprises run by women. Each is applying unexpected tools to empower girls and women, and as a result, changing lives around the world.

Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Sustainable Health Enterprises manufacture and sell affordable banana fiber menstrual pads. By doing that it tackles women and girls’ lack of access to inexpensive maxi-pads. The social enterprise is not only making the product but also is partnering with entrepreneurs to create jobs.


Catapult is ‘partner-based’ crowdfunding, connecting people and organizations to achieve real, concrete impact. They channel much needed attention and resources toward projects serving girls and women. They care about many projects from gender discrimination to advocacy, and from maternal health to economic security—and contribute funds.

The Empowerment Plan

Based in Detroit, the Empowerment Plan mainly focuses on two things: coats and jobs. This social enterprise trains and employs homeless women to make garments that serve as both a sleeping bag and a coat. Any homeless individual in the community receive this coat at no cost.

Other social enterprises started by and for women are Pipeline Fellowship and Black Girls Code.



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