Dont’s for Social Entrepreneurs

A social entrepreneur is a person who tries to solve problems that impact society through entrepreneurial innovation. In trying to solve societal problems, social entrepreneurs go through many ups and downs. To avoid making mistakes, here are don’ts for a social entrepreneur:

  1. Don’t be your competition

The reason why people start a business is because they have a feeling that there is a gap in the market. They might want a digital place to go that is fun, interesting and innovative – while being in line with their values and helping to create meaningful change. If you know what is important to you, just keep your head, excel and avoid keeping up with your competition

  1. Don’t get too comfortable

Responsibility requires decision-making. Putting off big decisions is easy. We ought to work tirelessly in order to achieve our goals. We should not ignore small things that may contribute to the success of our project.  If you’re faced with a very important decision, ensure you’re not going to give up until a clear decision has been made.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no

People need to stand firm and say no or yes when they have to.  Saying yes when you are supposed to say no or making promises you cannot keep does not help anyone.



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