Jahkil Jackson: A 10-Year-Old Social Entrepreneur that is helping the Homeless

Jahkil Jackson is one busy young man. He is a student, a basketball player, a tap dancer, an actor, and a social entrepreneur. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jahkil is on a mission to help the homeless. The10-year-old social entrepreneur has already given out more than 6,000 Blessing Bags to the homeless. A Blessing Bag is filled with basic things that the homeless need.
Jahkil’s middle name, Naeem, means to give others without expecting anything back. He has created Project I Am, a social enterprise that is changing the world. He is a role-model for other children, a young entrepreneur who is going places, and a gift to those in need.
According to his website, Jahkil started his social enterprise when he was only 8-years-old. After assisting his aunt to distribute food to the homeless in Chicago, he knew that he needed to do more to make a difference. He, therefore, embarked on a mission to help those in need.
Jahkil also works closely with Dreams for Kids, a non-profit organization in Chicago. Founded by Tom Tuohy in 1989, Dreams for Kids, Inc helps people with disabilities and at-risk youth. Sponsored by local businesses and individuals, the social enterprise helps youth to learn essential entrepreneurship skills.


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