Bolder Watch LLC: A New Watch Company that is changing the Game on Social Entrepreneurship

Bolder Watch LLC is a luxury watch company that is striving to raise the bar on Social Entrepreneurship by giving up to 100 percent of its profits.  The social enterprise has set out to design and craft watches unique as its mission.  The company is focused on making high quality lifestyle products and its aim is to have a major financial impact towards helping the less fortunate in the U.S and around the world.

While the company watch designs are attractive enough to capture the attention of watch collectors and aficionados alike, their exceptional approach to distributing profits might just start a new trend. The charity aspect is an integral part of the fabric of this company.

According to Salman Ausaf, the CEO of Bolder Watch LLC, the model is very simple. He explains that his company will change the game by calling customers to choose how much of profit end up in charity.

Skeptics of the philosophy of the company have questioned the company’s profit distribution model, arguing that a company cannot survive if all customers opt to offer 100 percent to charity. However, Mr. Ausaf believes that every customer will be leaving something on the table for them to realize future products.



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