Julia Chong on How to be a Successful Social Entrepreneur in Malaysia

Julia Chong is a co-founder of The Truly Loving Company (TLC). She quit a lucrative career as a Managing Director of Reckitt Beckinser in 2006 and launched a social enterprise. Today, her business sells many cleaning products, and all of their dividends are given out to charities.
Julia believes that a social entrepreneur’s ambition is to come up with an enterprise that provides an effective social change in a given society. In providing unmet economic and social needs of the society, an entrepreneur needs to be equipped with some basic rules to succeed in such competitive environments.
Social entrepreneurs should identify and make formal funding applications to organizations and companies that give seed capital to start-ups. Organizations that issue seed money includes SME Corporation Malaysia that promotes SMEs by giving out grants and MaGIC. Apart from outsourcing capital, a social entrepreneur should be ready and willing to dispose of their assets to raise the requisite funds.
A social entrepreneur should not assume their products or services will fly from the shelves just because they are funding a charitable cause, according to Julia. One should design an effective campaign strategy that costs less but yields more. Organizing activation programmes, road show and guest talks interviews on radio and TV stations are good campaign strategies.


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