What Makes Great Social Entrepreneurs Who They Are

Social entrepreneurs are prioritizing purpose over profit. They are moving from corporate life to a world of social impact and passion. The following are the common threads that make great social entrepreneurs exceptional.

They find one cause and focus on it.

The world is full of problems, and successful social entrepreneurs know they cannot solve them all. Therefore, they find a niche and a business model they are passionate about. Potential social entrepreneurs should know that it is a waste of time to tackle a problem they are not connected to through a service or product they don’t believe in.

They focus.

The focus is very important when it comes to solving a large-scale problem. Social entrepreneurs should start somewhere. Great social entrepreneurs are not distracted by new organizations, new projects or shiny objects. If you want to be a successful social entrepreneur, pick a lane to stay the course.

They use what they have.

Although it is important to learn new skills, successful entrepreneurs know what they’re good at. That doesn’t mean they don’t wear many hats when they are getting started, but it means they know when and how to delegate.





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