Individuals that Are Saving the World Using Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are developing, funding and implementing solutions to social, environmental or cultural issues. Each social entrepreneur is trying to use his business to save the world. The following are three Individuals that are saving the world using social entrepreneurship:

1. WooBamboo

Led by Christopher Fous, WooBamboo is a natural, oral care startup. Nearly all toothbrushes are plastic. Since most of these toothbrushes are not recycled, they end up in landfills. Christopher uses bamboo to create toothbrushes. His socially conscious business generates much interest from consumers and stores. Consequently, WooBamboo’s products are in more than 8,000 stores worldwide.

2. Waiakea

Waiakea is a bottled water company led by Ryan Emmons. To consumers, Ryan gives an option that is charitable, eco-friendly and healthy. He uses lava rock to filter naturally alkaline water and infuses it with electrolytes and minerals. The company gives more than 2 percent of the business’s revenue to nonprofit partners in Hawaii and Africa.

3. Bioquark

Bioquark is a medical biotechnology company led by Ira Pastor. They aim to use a combination of biologics to regenerate organs and repair tissues. This startup will enable our loved ones to regenerate their lost or injured parts of the body.



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