Zymal Umar: The Youngest Social Entrepreneur in Pakistan

Zymal Umar, an eleven-year-old girl, is the founder of an exciting social project known as Zee Bags— an enterprise that not only aims to help the environment but also the underprivileged. In an attempt to clean her city Sargodha, Zymal decided to make reusable bags using old newspapers.

Zymal’s innovative and charitable initiative has attracted a fair bit of attention with newspaper and TV coverage labeling her “Pakistan’s youngest social entrepreneur.” She is disappointed by people who dump rubbish on the outskirt of her city. According to her, if people just give it a small thought before throwing away their wastes on roads and streets they will no more do it as it pollutes the environment.

Every year, Zymal sell hundreds of bags and use her profits to buy necessary items for needy children belonging to SOS village. She also donates to other charitable foundations.

Zymal finds enjoyment and fulfillment in the work she does. Her products show that she puts in a lot of effort in whatever she lays her hands on. She decorated her bags with different flowers and stones. She attributes her success to her parents who help turn her ideas into reality.

Zeebags has won several awards in Pakistan, the USA, and Saudi Arabia.





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