UjuziKilimo: A Social Enterprise that is Helping Kenyan Farmers to Increase Crop Yields

East Africa is a food-insecure region. In countries such as Kenya, most people live in areas prone to food shortages. Consequently, a significant number of people are undernourished. Although almost all smallholder farmers in Kenya depend on agricultural products, many struggle to produce productive crops with high yields.

UjuziKilimo is a Kenyan social enterprise that operates in Nyamira and Kisii. It works to increase the yields of smallholder farmers by providing fast, inexpensive, and easy-to-understand soil analysis information.

The social enterprise uses soil sensor technology that sends soil composition data of individual farmer to an analysis center via SMS. The results of the analysis are sent to the farmer via a mobile app or SMS. With such information, the farmers can decide which fertilizers, crops, and disease control products to use for a particular soil.

Founded in 2014, UjuziKilimo is for smallholder farmers who pay $20 per crop season for enterprise’s field agent to carry out three soil tests ( one before planting and the last two during the crop production cycle). The social enterprise ensures that the farmers instantly receive information on seed quality for his farm, fertilizer needed or organic alternatives, and where to buy farm inputs within their location.

Also, the social enterprise provides farmers with information about expected weather patterns and farm management tips. This information allows farmers to make informed decisions, therefore, increasing production and profit.


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