Digital Tools Used by Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship makes products that make the world a better place. To achieve that, social entrepreneurs should have various resources. The following are platforms and apps that must become part of their professional and personal toolkit.

Charity Miles

If you are motivated by helping other people, free app Charity Miles allows you earn money while you bike or run. Charity Miles measures your distance and donates 25 cents to your chosen charity for every mile you run or walk, and 10 cents for every mile you bike.

All social entrepreneurs who want to improve their web presence should check out It offers useful tools like website builders, custom emails, web hosting and hundreds of different domain ending. The website has anything social entrepreneurs need to make their mark online. It offers discounts to non-profits and charitable organizations.


eGood is a movement spreading consumer activism by harnessing everyday purchasing power for social change. The movement is about choosing good – connecting companies, communities, and causes for the benefit of all. It allows businesses to activate the community, give to worthy causes, and track their impact to see how ordinary actions can create extraordinary change.


eGood Is A Mobile Payment And Loyalty System That Helps Users Give Back


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