Role of Social Enterprise in Education

Most people believe that access to quality education is important for students’ future. As a writer at a social entrepreneurship blog, I have had the privilege of knowing many social enterprises that are taking initiatives to lead change in education. The actions of such social enterprises range from providing teacher development program to helping children in remote areas.

One of the major challenges many social entrepreneurs are tackling is educational inequality. As urbanization quickens its pace in China, a growing number of parents are migrating to towns in search of work, leaving their children behind. The number of left-behind kids living in rural boarding schools is about 30 million in China. These children often suffer from severe emotional and psychological problems.

Growing Home is an innovative social enterprise that is trying to deal with the problem. The social enterprise has developed an effective but simple solution: bedtime story. Every evening, these stories are carefully chosen and broadcasted in the dorm for 15 minutes. Amazingly, the stories are making the kids feel less home-sick. Teachers benefit as well because the stories make their work much easier.

Besides creating awareness, social enterprises are adopting unconventional learning methods. For instance, a social entrepreneur who believes in the power educational games launched a program known as Play School.” The program is helping kids to learn how to build, work together, code, and how to write a science fiction.



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