How You Can Support Social Entrepreneurs in Your Life

It is important to support changemakers in your life. Although you might not understand their passion or reasoning, how you respond to their project goes a long way. As you interact with social entrepreneurs, here are a few things to remember.
Be encouraging
Being a successful social entrepreneur is not easy. Social entrepreneurs do not know whether their ventures will transform into viable businesses. Sometimes social entrepreneurs can be discouraged, leaving them feeling ready to give up. Every person has an obligation to encourage social entrepreneurs. You don’t need to know anything about a social enterprise to remind social entrepreneurs that they are valued.
Be an advocate
If you become an advocate of social entrepreneurship, it helps social entrepreneurs realize the impacts they are making and the ways their work is igniting the curiosity and passion of others. If you are interested in partnering with social entrepreneurs, let them know.
Ask Questions
Social entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do. Sometimes, nothing means more to them than asking questions about their enterprises, the social problem they are tackling or their progress. Always give social entrepreneurs opportunity to share more about what they are up to. This makes them feel validated and supported.


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