P. Mukundan: A 70-Year-Old Social Entrepreneur Working To Achieve Energy Independence Using Scalable and Sustainable Technologies

For most people, retirement means a relaxed life. Not so for P Mukundan, a managing director of Servals Automation Pvt Ltd. After retirement, Mr. P Mukundan chose to become a social entrepreneur. He started a social enterprise that is touching lives of people who live in rural areas all over the world.
Mr. Mukundan started manufacturing Venus kerosene burners in 2002. These burners reduce fuel usage by 27%. From just 2,000 in the first month, his social enterprise sells about 120,000 burners every month. The company has grown to become well known in the energy sector capturing about 11 percent of the India market.
The other products for people living in rural areas are a stove that runs on plant oil and a TLUD. This stove won the Sankalp Award in 2010.
In 2005, P Mukundan won an award in the category of the ‘Most Fuel Efficient Stove’ from Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa, promoted by leading petroleum companies such as British Petroleum and Shell.
Servals Automation Pvt Ltd is in the process of exporting its plant oil stove to Nepal and Africa. The company also want to build contacts with Indonesia, a country that uses 70 percent kerosene.


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