Falling Whistles: A Social Enterprise that Campaign For Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Falling Whistles is a social enterprise that campaign for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The enterprise asks people to be whistle-blowers for peace. It invests in local entrepreneurs to rebuild a war-torn community.
It is a little-known fact that war is happening right now in DRC. Aid groups report that over six million people have died in the last ten years as casualties of the war, and yet the war goes unnoticed to the Western world.
After visiting DRC, Sean Carasso and David Lewis, the founders of Falling Whistles, became determined to find a solution for the conflict in the country. Falling Whistles started as a journal, describing young Congolese boys who are sent to the war with nothing but a whistle. Later, the journal quickly became a movement with tens of thousands of people wanting to help.
Using a commerce-based business model, Falling Whistles began selling fashionable metal whistle necklaces to encourage individuals to become “whistle-blowers for peace” in Congo. To date, the social enterprise says it has sold more than 50,000 whistles.
Beyond raising awareness about the deadly war, the social enterprise has partnered with community leaders in DRC to help in the rehabilitation of people who have been affected by the atrocities of war. Through art, education, vocational-skill training, music, nutritional services, and medical treatment, Falling Whistles is giving people affected by the war in DRC the skills and tools they need to stand for peace in future.


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