Stonyfield: An Organic Yogurt Company that Has a Social Mission

Stonyfield, also called Stonyfield Farm, is an organic yogurt producer located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA. The company was founded in 1983 by Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg as an organic farming school. It makes one of the popular brands of yogurt in the U.S. It owns brands including YotToddler, YoBaby, Oikos, and YoKids.
As social entrepreneurs, Samuel and Gary deeply cared about family farms and environment long before they established Stonyfield. From the start, Gary knew that he wanted a business that could make a profit and save the world. He developed a mission statement to guide Stonyfield. The mission has consistently focused on sustainability and has been a foundation that guides all decisions and practices of the company.
Through its program, Profits for the Planet, the company gives 10 percent of profits to environmental causes. The company’s milk comes from Midwest and New England dairy farmers through the Organic Valley (the CROPP) cooperative.
Gary Hirshberg, chair and founder of Stonyfield, left his position as CEO of Stonyfield to work at lobbying and advocating on behalf of the organic industry. According to him, 92 percent of Americans favour disclosure of genetically engineered components in their food. He says this won’t happen without collective advocacy.


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