Teaching Children to Become Social Entrepreneurs

More and more children want to make a positive impact on the world. In fact, some children are mobilizing other children to address problems such as infant mortality. They are volunteering to help others, donating to charities and even engaging in social entrepreneurship.
For example, Alex Scott was four years old and suffering from cancer when she started a lemonade stand to raise funds for cancer research. She raised $2,000 after a year. By the time she was eight, through the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, she had raised over $1 million. Like Alex, many kids are motivated to change the world because they have encountered a problem and are moved to take action.
Almost all children would like to be social entrepreneurs. According to a study conducted by Just Kid Inc. on children as a force for social change, 90% of kids believe that it is very important to give back to their community or help others.
While teaching kids to run businesses on their own is not appropriate, parents should teach their children the basic concepts of social entrepreneurship. The parents should also inform their children of the existence of social entrepreneurial organizations such as EchoingGreen, the Skoll Foundation, and Ashoka. These organizations are supporting and inspiring teens to be social entrepreneurs.


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