What Makes Millennials Some of the Best Social Entrepreneurs?

In countries such as the U.S, millennials are the largest segment of the labor market, according to Pew Research. This generation has some distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other generations. The traits of millennials that have powered their key role in social entrepreneurship are achievers, collaborative and entrepreneurs.
Many young people are serious about academic achievement. Today, millennials are the best-educated people. The number of college and university applications has never been higher. The world boasts of many students who have gone on to college or university and obtained advanced degrees.
Millennials collaborate with their colleagues and classmates to solve problems they come across. If you study this generation, you will note that it is very friendly. Millennial thrive in an environment that encourages collaboration. They do not go at it alone, and they do not go rogue; they work together. Although millennials believe in themselves, they also believe in their peers.
The entrepreneurial nature of the millennial generation is astonishing. Young people are unleashing a torrent of entrepreneurship, challenging any other time in the world history. According to Entrepreneur, 50% of Millennials want to start their own business one day.


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