Three Reasons Why Business Leaders Become the Best Social Entrepreneurs

Many people are attracted to the combination of being their boss and having their business mean something beyond making a profit. Today, individuals who seem to be making a big difference on a large scale are people who were successful businesses leaders before focusing their efforts on societal causes. eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are some of the famous entrepreneurs that come to mind. There are three reasons why some business leaders become the best social entrepreneurs
First, business leaders have experience, and they understand what it takes to get a start-up off the ground, scale an enterprise, raise capital, and grow an organization.
Second, successful business leaders did not just get into their comfy office chairs within a day. They learn, worked hard and developed their network and expertise as they grew. Their careers usually start to take off at a certain point when their access to opportunity and capability reach a particular critical mass.
Lastly, it’s hard to operate a business without learning to sell. Sales skills are necessary for the not-for-profit businesses where you are asking individuals to give up their money and time without hope of any material return on investment.


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