A social Enterprise that is Using Old Laptops to Change the Lives of Homeless People is a social enterprise that is appealing to local companies, especially tech companies, to donate old laptops so they can be renovated and used to assist people trying to find a way out of homelessness cycle. By 2020, the company aims to collect over 1000 laptops, which will then be refurbished before being distributed by Thames Reach, a London charity helping homeless and vulnerable individuals to find decent homes
It is hoped that the idea of will enable more vulnerable and homeless people to manage job applications, keep in touch or get in touch with family and friends.
So far, only 150 laptops have been collected. However, it is hoped that the appeal of this year will yield even more laptops. According to Peter Paduh, the founder of SocialBox, his company’s aim is to better societies and communities by collecting laptops that are no longer required and donating them to people who need them the most. Jeremy Swain, CEO of Thames Reach, believes that the donated laptops will give the homeless people the opportunity to communicate with relatives and friends, develop new interests, and get information that may improve their skills and prospects of employment.
Homelessness can happen to anyone. According to a study carried out by Crisis, the UK national charity for single homeless people, the number of homeless in the UK is expected to double by 2041. Socialbox.Biz is aiming to stop the problem of homelessness.



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