Why You Should Apply For the Chivas Venture

In 2014, Chivas Regal launched The Chivas Venture, an annual competition that sees social entrepreneurs compete to have a share of $1million in funding for their social enterprises. Over the last two years, the company has invested $2 Million in social entrepreneurship.
If you are running an innovative social business that is making the world a better place, Chivas Regal want you to participate in the competition. Successful applicants will not only have a chance to get a share of The Venture’s $1Million fund but also will receive world-class mentorship.
Chivas are looking for businesses in seed stage, startup stage or growth stage. The applicant must have a compelling idea, a strong vision, and a solid business plan. The applicants are required to showcase how their businesses have positive impacts and explain how funding would help to take their business to the next level. Finally, one must be over 25 years to enter the competition.
All submissions will be judged on several criteria. Some of these criteria are:
the market size and opportunity
demonstrable impact
sound organizations strategy and business model
financial sustainability and feasibility
Skills and commitment.
If you believe you have all it takes to participate in the Chivas Regals’ The Venture 2018 Competition, click here to apply.


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