Top Five Social Enterprise Start-Ups in Russia

Recently, there has been an increase in young Russian entrepreneurs who are starting businesses that are not only aimed at earning them profits but also benefitting the community. The following are the top five start-ups that are making social change in Russia:
This start-up works to generate immersive virtual reality video materials for persons with disabilities. Such video content, including documentaries, make the handicapped individuals experience certain thrilling activities that they cannot experience physically due to their disabilities.

Public Speech
Public Speech is a start-up whose main interest is to provide a linkage between great inspirational speakers and audiences. It has an online platform where it shares some life-changing speeches and lectures.

Using of art, Stenograffia strives to bring about social change amongst the people of Russia. Stenograffia uses art to reclaim abandoned buildings and industrial sites in Yekaterinburg. It does this with the approval of the government.

Anton’s Right Here
This social enterprise draws its inspiration from Lyubov Arkus’ documentary, Anton’s Right Here. The enterprise mainly involves itself with campaigns targeted at raising awareness about autism. They also create social events and activities for people living with autism.

Social Humanitarian Park
Social Humanitarian Park is found in Tomsk University. Tomsk students never run short of unconventional ideas. The park provides space and office facilities for students who want to make the world a better place.



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