Gaps That Social Enterprise Movements Need to Bridge

The increasing focus on social enterprises is powered by several mutually reinforcing socioeconomic trends. Entrepreneurs are now more than ever focusing on positively impacting societies. They want to change lives through their businesses. Here are four key gaps that focus on social entrepreneurship. They relate to skills, awareness, money, and credibility.
Experience and Age Gap
A majority of the social entrepreneurs are young people who lack experience in the business world. This lack of experience causes an entrepreneur to make mistakes or face many challenges in their businesses. However, this challenge can be addressed by drawing lessons from the stories of successful and experienced social entrepreneurs.
Expectations Gap
Some entrepreneurs have misinformed and overambitious expectations of social entrepreneurship. They start social enterprises with expectations of getting rich quick. If their business performances do not meet their expectations, they get frustrated.
Funding Gap
Finance is a foundation that many enterprises thrive on. This is because it facilitates most activities in business. Lack of adequate financial resources is one of the major challenges that social entrepreneurs are facing.
Cultural Gap
Social entrepreneurship should be a platform for local action, grafted with skills, practices, and ideas brought from outside. So the last gap is about a pipeline. Social investors should find local enterprises that already feel and look like a social enterprise.


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