What Role Does Entrepreneurship Play in Ending Homelessness and Poverty?

Social entrepreneurship is proving to provide impactful innovations for an alleviation of poverty. In the past, the idea of ending poverty was viewed as ridiculous. Today, the idea is enshrined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as something the world should achieve.
Social entrepreneurs find solutions to problems that matter. For instance, they bring value to fight against homelessness and poverty that other player— corporations, governments, and non-government organizations don’t. Alicia Wallace, president of All across Africa, a social enterprise that sources crafts in Rwanda for sale in the U.S, believe that entrepreneurship should be harnessed to fuel positive global impact.
Since social entrepreneurs have the flexibility and ability to contribute to the end of homelessness and poverty, let look at things they can do to end poverty. First, a social entrepreneur can create income opportunity, which in turn, helps to eradicate poverty. According to James Mayfield, the founder of CHOICE Humanitarian, the key to poverty alleviation is the creation of employment and income enhancement programs.
Another role of social entrepreneurs in ending poverty is providing encouragement and training. Many poor people have a higher fear of failure and have lower confidence in their abilities. According to John Hewko, the general secretary of Rotary International, providing encouragement and training is as significant as providing access to financing.


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