Three Signs That Show You Are a Social Entrepreneur


Social entrepreneurs start businesses that solve problems in society while also growing sustainable financial models. Examples of social enterprises include Tom’s Shoes, Indiegogo, and Lola Tampons. Whether you own a business or you are considering opening one, it’s never too late to provide solutions to problems in your community. Here are three signs that show you are a social entrepreneur.
You do not wait for the government to make a social impact
Although many people hold their governments responsible for implementing programs that solve social problems, a social entrepreneur takes it upon himself/herself to make a social impact. The leaders and CEOs of companies that focus on social entrepreneurship take on the progress burden. They strategize and solve problems without relying on government officials.
You are tired of Non-profits
Many people think that people working in non-profit organizations are social entrepreneurs. However, most non-profits are only established to raise awareness. After the people are aware, a social enterprise should take the money it has earned and done something. It can create a product, provide a service, or start a scholarship.
You love the work you do
Socials entrepreneurs love what they do. People do not go into the business of working with mental health, special needs, education, and feminist issues just because they want to make money. People start impactful organizations because they are inspired.


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