Three Questions for Social Entrepreneurs


Problems that face our communities are increasing every day. Social entrepreneurs come in to help solve these problems. To combat the most pressing problems, social entrepreneurs should ask themselves the following questions:
Am I solving the right problem?
It’s important to be thoughtful about this question in the social impact space. Whether you are building the brand or building infrastructure, remember: solve a problem. If you find yourself building a brand for the sake of recognition and fame, you are creating more work and challenges for your business. Although competition is good, social impact organizations focus on competencies and look for collaboration.
What solutions are available today?
Do not start a social enterprise blindly. Research the issue, talk to people and look at the solutions that already exist. You should analyze common pitfalls of other social entrepreneurs and determine whether there are better solutions you can provide.
What have I learned from other industries?
In this age of technology and innovation, almost all things have been done already. However, things are just starting to change in the non-profit sector. The non-profit model has been largely accepted. In the midst of the shift, try to look at other industries for solutions and ideas. For example, you should learn from tech or healthcare.


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