Four Social Enterprises That Empower Girls and Women

The more girls and women can receive a helping hand the better for the whole world’s future. Time and time again, it has been said that girls and women are the future of many developing countries. Today we will highlight four innovative social enterprises that empower women and girls.
Catapult channel much needed attention and resources toward projects serving girls and women. It is a partner-based crowdfunding platform where people can find projects they care about and contribute funds. Issues explored range from economic security to maternal health and from advocacy to gender discrimination.
Black Girls Code
Black Girls Code empowers young women of color (between the ages of 7 to 17) to embrace the tech marketplace as coders. The social enterprise introduces technology and programming across the US to young women who hold the key to their future and the next disruptive tech innovation.
The Empowerment Plan
This social enterprise focuses on two things: coats and jobs. Based in Detroit, it trains and employs homeless women to make garments that serve as both sleeping bags and coats. The Empowerment Plan delivers these coats at no cost to homeless individuals within the community.
Sustainable Health Enterprises
Sustainable Health Enterprises uses banana fiber to keep women at work and girls in school. By manufacturing and selling low-cost banana fiber menstrual pads, this social enterprise is tackling women and girls’ lack of access to inexpensive maxi-pads in Rwanda.
Top 10 Social Enterprises Improving the Lives of Women, Girls


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