Fed By Threads: A Social Enterprise That Feeds the Hungry

Fed by Threads is an apparel manufacturer in the U.S that feeds the hungry. The company, which designs and sells attire, donates $1 to a food bank or organizations that provide emergency meals to hungry Americans. Launched by Alok Appadurai about three years ago, the company has stayed true to his mission: selling clothing made in the United States using locally-based suppliers and only sustainable products.
Appadurai’s store was opened on Congress Street in downtown Tucson. Avoiding places in malls or high-end places, he realized he could take part in reviving the down-at-the-heels neighborhood by opening a shop there.
In Appadurai’s store, each item of clothing includes a rack sign with some points: the city and state where the item was produced, the number of meals the item can buy and the material it was made from. According to Appadurai, when people know where clothing came from, they feel they can play a role in changing people’s lives.
To date, the company has fed over 570,000 emergency meals to people in need. The company is committed to moving the “Green Needle” by providing only responsibly manufactured clothing.


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