Students are Pursuing Social Entrepreneurship

Employability’ skills are one of the main things students look for when choosing their university courses. However, many students also say that solving the problems in the world is a key driver in their search for a career.
Teaching social entrepreneurship in universities provides good opportunities for learners to develop their employability skills. Students should not only acquire business skills but also should be taught how business skills can be used to solve various problems in the world.
The Social Enterprise Mark is an indication that a university can teach the ethos of social enterprise and embeds the good business values. The Higher Education Funding Council for England has been supporting the ideas of schools accredited as Social Enterprise Mark holders. The council has also been encouraging prospective university applicants to apply to universities that hold the Social Enterprise Mark. In the UK, some universities have been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark. Some of these universities are University of Salford, Plymouth University, and Coventry University.
At a time when many students are saying they want lifestyles and careers that enable them to contribute to the environmental, social and cultural well-being of their society, universities have a big role to play. Therefore, it is important for these institutions to put civic engagement, ethics, sustainable economic development and social and environmental justice at the heart of what they do.


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