Four Social Enterprises in Asia

Social enterprises are gaining increased recognition because they bring about equitable social transformation. In Asia, early social entrepreneurs tended to be returning patriates or foreigners, but home-grown social entrepreneurs are now common. The following are four social enterprises that ensure future Asian growth is sustainable:
Aesir uses virtual and augmented reality to gamify learning for adults and children with special needs. Based in Hong Kong, the company uses printed materials and mobile apps to teach everything from increased focus to emotional health.
Ants Workshop & Consultancy
This company trains disadvantaged women in employable skills. One ant may be small and insignificant. But many ants, together, can help each other to perform various tasks. That is the premise of Ants Workshop & Consultancy.
Arus Education
Arus Education uses its computer science programs to turn low-income students into inventors. Many participants report public speaking skills and confidence.
Blitab Technology
There are 285 million blind and visually impaired people in the world. Over 150 million of these people can read Braille. Blitab Technology uses text-to-speech software and Braille to help the visually impaired to write, surf, read and connect with friends.


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