How to Attract the Best Talent in a Social Enterprise

Hiring and retaining good staff is not easy– especially if you need people with the ambition and passion to match your social enterprise. Today I have rounded up some advice to help you with your recruitment.
First, you must be clear on the position you want to fill. Once you are clear on what you need or what you want to be done; then you can focus on attitudes, behaviors, and skills you need from a person who could successfully fill that role. Use a varied recruitment process to get the best talent. Instead of just relying on CVs, have some interesting questions that relate to the role requirements
Small social enterprises cannot offer the type of program that large enterprises can offer. However, there are still many things that small social enterprises can do to retain talent. Think about creating an organization and environment where you feel you are developing and learning (Even if not being promoted formally). Also, learn to inspire talented staff. If you can motivate people with your narrative, you will eventually have a pipeline of talented people.
To retain staff, social entrepreneurs need to keep them growing and learning. If you cannot promote them, offer them new opportunities in new areas. Do not assume that your staffs are clinging to you just because you are a good enterprise- you still need to earn their loyalty, commitment, and trust.


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