Characteristics of Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are playing a very important role in the world. They contribute to our communities by supporting social, economic, environmental or cultural missions for the benefit of humanity. Social entrepreneurs are on the rise, and they are applying business tactics to achieve charitable goals. The main characteristics of social enterprises are social aims, enterprise orientation, and social ownership.
Social Aims
All social enterprises should have clear social aims such as training, job creation, or the provision of local services. Social enterprises have ethical values that include an obligation to build local capacity. They are accountable to the wider community and their member for their social, economic, and environmental impact.
Enterprise Orientation
Social enterprises are directly involved in providing services or producing goods to a market. They seek to be viable trading organizations that have an operating surplus.
Social Ownership
Social enterprises are independent organizations with ownership and governance structures based on participation by shareholder groups or trustees. Returns are used for the benefit of the community or shared among stakeholders.


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