SoPact: A Start-up Accelerator for Social Ventures

SoPact is a start-up accelerator for organizations and entrepreneurs working to solve environmental, cultural or social needs of society. They believe that financial sustainability of social ventures is very important. The accelerator focuses on helping social entrepreneurs to become leaders.
SoPact believe in impact-driven entrepreneurship as a way to put the earth on a sustainable path. They build capacity, inspire and accelerate actions of social entrepreneurship. They do this by running run 3-month accelerator programs, created specifically for social entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who join SoPact‘s acceleration program change the course of their start-up and even their life.
The accelerator defines “Social Start-up” in a broad sense. Most important: Other than just making a profit, entrepreneurs must have an objective. It could be working with societal or environmental issues, cultural integration, gender equality, disaster relief, education, health, etc.
But who can apply for the SoPact program? All start-ups working with social innovation are allowed to apply for the program. The start-up accelerator considers the scalability of an entrepreneur’s impact. Entrepreneurs are working to launch their ideas, existing start-ups and people working on social ventures are all invited to make applications.



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