Sanergy: A Company that Brings Toilet to Slums and Turns Waster into Fertilizer in Kenya

At the heart of every challenge, there is sanitation. If you care about clean water, about education, about girls and women, you should consider sanitation. Unlike other solutions that just focus on access, Sanergy’s solution looks at the whole value chain: from access to control to safe removal to recycle.
Sanergy brings toilets to slums in Nairobi, Kenya and turns human waste into fertilizer to sell to farmers. According to the UN, only 30% of people have access to safe sanitation in Kenya. Over 6 million people or 13% of people have no choice but to excrete in the open.
Over the past six years, Sanergy has installed over 700 toilets across nine slums in Nairobi, serving about 30,000 individuals daily and treating over 8,000 metric tons of waste.
Sanergy’s toilets are efficient because they use sawdust. After using the restroom, slum dwellers use sawdust to cover the waste. After one or two days, the company’s staffs collect the waste and carry it to their facilities. At their facilities, the waste is converted into products such as insect-based animal feed or organic fertilizer, to sell to local farmers.
Sanergy employs Kenyans in its waste operations: waste collection, waste processing, sales, and marketing. Around 90% of the staff is residents.
The company hopes that other organizations and groups will replicate their model in impoverished areas worldwide.



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