How Social Entrepreneurs are Doing Good in the World

You don’t need to launch an e-commerce company with a one-for-one model or build houses in the developing countries to start a project that will help others. There are many ways to become an effective social entrepreneur.
At Inc.’s 2015 Women’s Summit, three social entrepreneurs: Abrima Uriah, Elizabeth McKee Gore Shiza Shahid discussed social entrepreneurship. Here are three pieces of advice they gave to potential social entrepreneurs:
Consider your skills and experience
First, you must figure out exactly what you want to do. This depends on your experience and skills. For example, Erwiah considered her experiences in communications at fashion house Bottega Veneta. Today, she is a co-founder of Studio One Eighty-Nine, a company that makes designer fashions.
Start with what you know
To do good to people, you don’t need to go to the developing countries. Social entrepreneurship is not easy as some people think. Therefore, you should tackle issues you understand. Look at the problems that are affecting your community and try to find a solution for them.
In whatever you do, incorporate social initiatives
You should create time out of your busy schedule to improve the lives of others. Although that may require starting a social venture, you don’t have to. Just decide to do good works within your community and existing company.


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