Social Entrepreneurs in Healthcare Sector

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) about one billion people cannot access basic care and millions of people are pushed into poverty trying to get it. The situation is not likely to improve. The WHO predicts there will be a deficit of over 12 million workers in the healthcare sector by 2035.

From reducing hospital readmission to transforming mindsets and public policy to tracking the disease progress, social entrepreneurs are tackling the global healthcare crisis. Social entrepreneurs such as Chris Underhill are working to improve health and wellbeing. He founded BasicNeeds in 2000, an organization that works to improve the lives of individuals living with epilepsy and mental illness in developing countries.

The approach of the Chris is to work with patients, local communities, policymakers to ensure the delivery of treatment and the reintegration of mental diseases in resource-poor settings.

Chris is not the only social entrepreneur that is creating healthcare infrastructure. Social entrepreneur Josh Nesbit was surprised by two trends when studying children’s access to HIV/AIDS medicine in Malawi: first, community health workers could not well respond well to the demand for public health services due to lack of communication facilities and a distance between the field and medical facilities. Second, he noticed the mobile phones prevalence in poorly-serviced locations.

After realizing that mobiles have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, Josh founded healthcare. Josh made a coordinated health system that allows health workers in rural communities to respond the needs of patients efficiently and rapidly, using their mobile phones.



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