Working for a Social Enterprise

The world is facing a lot of problems, and conventional approaches aren’t sufficient. Therefore, we need new solutions that can combine the best of for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors to make lasting change. To create scalable solutions, social entrepreneurs apply innovative and risk-taking approaches.

To build a career in social entrepreneurship, you don’t need to launch a new venture. You can work for an existing social enterprise that is aligned with your passions and interests. Once you join an existing social enterprise, you will start to tackle a wide variety of issues including providing food to the poor, reducing levels of pollution and helping to stop human rights abuses.

If you have decided to go into social entrepreneurship, expect an unpredictable career path. Social entrepreneurship is inherently risky. It involves tackling problems in ways never before tried. Therefore, you should be resourceful and bold enough to turn your failures into successes. If you’re a person who likes security, structure, routine, you may want to look elsewhere.

As a social entrepreneur, you should be driven by the issues you want to address. Make sure you are a representative of the cause you’re fighting for. If you work with an issue that moves you, it will get you out of bed every morning.



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