Four Ways in Which Royal Bank of Scotland is Supporting Social Enterprise

Social entrepreneurs do great work that brings changes in the world. However, it’s not always easy for them to get support or advice they need. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is supporting social enterprises in various ways.

Lending to non-profits

Since 2012, RBS has approved loans worth about £7.4million to community finance providers, charities and social enterprises through Social & Community Capital (SCC). The bank enables social enterprise to get funds they need to grow and succeed.

Offering useful data

RBS is the co-founder and sponsor of the RBS Social Enterprise 100 index. The bank provides detailed research on the best UK social enterprises, offering market intelligence and a useful benchmark for the sector. In addition, it facilitates collaboration many enterprises have profiles on the website, making sharing of advice and ideas easy.

Rewarding successful social enterprises

RBS award high-performing social enterprises that demonstrate sustainable financial growth, unique business resilience, and vigorous social impact reporting.

Recognising people that invest in social enterprise

RBS recognises people for their role in supporting social businesses. They have Social Investment Awards that celebrate the impact of investors who change lives of people across the UK.



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