Three Quotes from Famous Social Entrepreneurs that Keep Us Motivated

As a social entrepreneur, you may be facing a lot of challenges. For all social entrepreneurs, staying motivated can be hard in the midst of changing laws, insufficient funds and uncertain markets. However, since your efforts relate to solving world’s problem, staying motivated is important. There are many social entrepreneurs, national leaders, and founders that have built successful enterprises. Here are some of their words to motivate you:

A Quote by Bill Drayton, Founder and Chairman of Ashoka

“Let me advise you: To become a changemaker, the first step is to give yourself permission i.e., to ignore all those who say ‘you can’t do it.”’

Therefore, as social entrepreneurs, if you receive criticism for your efforts, do not give up. Just stay true to what is right and be focused.

A Quote by Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes

One thing that distinguishes the ultimate failure and the ultimate success is what you do with them”

According to Mycoskie, failure is inevitable. If you fail, stand and keep moving. You must learn to make failure a catalyst in the long run. Social entrepreneurs must learn from their past mistakes and understand that well-managed failures put a person on the road to success.

Gary Haugen, Founder of International Justice Mission

“When your grandchildren ask you where you were when the vulnerable and voiceless in your era needed leaders of purpose and companion, I hope you will say you showed up”

Social entrepreneurs should operate with a level of urgency. There are a lot of people who need you and you must, therefore keep, working.



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