Technology Based Social Enterprises

Social enterprise is growing fast. It’s estimated that over 20,000 social enterprises operate in Australia and over 70,000 in the UK. In the technology space, social enterprise is exciting and diverse. The following are three technologies based social enterprises making a difference in the world:


Umoove is an eye and face tracking software that does not need any special hardware add-ons and works on nearly all smart devices. The start-up aims to improve accessibility to health care. Health issues such as autism, strokes, and concussions and among others can be detected through the eyes

Free code camp

Free Code Camp helps people around the world to learn how to code. The organization ensures that the learners undergo a 1200 hours coding training. The training is followed by various coding projects that are allocated to every two individuals. A volunteer project manager supervises these projects.

Global Giving

Global Giving is a platform that ensures local organizations are able to access funds for their projects. It also ensures that the organizations are able to access the tools, training and the necessary support to adequately meet their organizational objectives. Global Giving mainly connects the nonprofits, donor, and companies.



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