Skoll Foundation and its Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

Each year, the Skoll Foundation presents awards for social entrepreneurs. The foundation selects social entrepreneurs whose innovations have provided solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the world. The organization invests in social enterprises in order to help in unleashing the full global potential.

Organizations that are selected by the Skoll foundation receives a $1.25M, an investment support to increase their impact. The awardees also gain leverage through their participation in an international community of visionary innovators and leaders dedicated to solving the most pressing problems in the world.

To be selected, an awardee must focus on issues such as education, environmental sustainability, peace, health, economic opportunity, human rights, peace, and sustainable markets. The selection process for the award is very competitive, with less than ten awards given each year. Organizations are evaluated against the following criteria: social entrepreneur, innovation, impact potential, issue area, Skoll leverage, and collaboration.

Entrepreneurs fighting extremism, managing community health networks, disrupting human trafficking, and developing safe housing in the world’s hot spots were the receivers of this year Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. After the 2017 announcement, the portfolio of Skoll now totals one hundred social entrepreneurs.



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