Three Best Countries to be a Social Entrepreneur

Using business as an instrument for social change is no longer a new concept. There are thousands of social enterprises around the world. But which countries are most favourable for social entrepreneurship. Working in partnership with Deutsche Bank and Thompson Reuters Foundation, British organisation UnLtd identified several countries that offer the best environment for social enterprise. The top three are:

The United States

In the US, entrepreneurship is taken as a part of the country’s culture. From the 1970s, the country has been developing new ways of making social change by doing business. The country also boasts of many VC firms that are willing to invest in start-ups that promise social impact.


Like the US, social entrepreneurship is emerging strongly in Canada. Social entrepreneurs in Canada are funded and supported by bodies, foundations, and provincial government.

United Kingdom

The UK has a long tradition of civic action collaborations that create a strong charitable sector. The recent rise of a strong start-up culture is also making the UK among the best places to start a social enterprise. The government support of social entrepreneurship and market for products produced by social enterprises make the UK among the best places to be a social entrepreneurship in the world.



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