Three Strategies That Are Used by Social Enterprise to Change the World

Social entrepreneurs are proving that mission-driven businesses can positively transform the world. They have improved the lives of over billion people and some people think it would be great for the term ‘billionaire’ to be re-defined in order to encompass a person who had improved over one billion lives. The following are three strategies that are used by social entrepreneurs to improve the lives of the people:

Empower and train local change makers

Social entrepreneurs hire individuals with the drive to create changes in the society. If you live in a city, you cannot directly solve problems in the rural areas. It takes locals entrepreneurs, trained and empowered to adopt fast to the local markets nuances, to succeed.

Create a Movement

Social entrepreneurs should not only aim at making more sales but also changing a whole system. Therefore, you should think about turning your idea or product into a movement. Consequently, the impact will go far beyond what your organization is doing.

Have a mission

If you want to succeed, you need more than just a profit motive and a sales plan– you need a mission. If you are in business just for money, you won’t last long. A social entrepreneur has to be dedicated to a cause.



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