Conscious Step: A Social Enterprise That Uses Socks to Sustainably Impact the World

Conscious Step was founded by Prashant Mehta, Hassan Ahmad, and Adam Long in 2013. Concerned with the gravity of issues faced by their community and the lack of awareness, they sought to come up with a way for the conscious person to solve global problems in a way that was tangible, recognizable and convenient. They settled on socks.

Conscious Step creates well-designed socks to solve social problems. In partnership with several world’s most impactful organizations and businesses, each design support a different global cause. For instance, the social enterprise partnered with UNAIDS to provide socks that offer one week of HIV therapy for an expectant mother. With Room to Read, the enterprise provides two school book; with Water. Org, each pair offer eighteen months of clean water to people without this basic need; with Action against Hunger, the enterprise have socks that offer six meals for starving children; and lastly, with Trees for the Future, the enterprise have socks that facilitate the planting of 20 trees.

Sourced in India from one of the most socially and ecologically sustainable supply chains, socks manufactured by Conscious Step are made from organic material. This makes the socks very comfortable, durable, and as good to the environment as they are to feet.



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