Malala Fund: A Social Enterprise That Works to Secure Girls’ Right to Education

According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 32 million young girls are out of school around the world. Although school enrolment rates for girls are improving, many girls of primary-school age have not seen a classroom.

The Malala Fund is a social enterprise that focuses on helping girls to access education. The organization was launched by Malala in 2013, a year after she was shot by the Taliban. The social enterprise battles the things that stand between girls and education, including violence, culture, lack of quality school, and poverty.

Malala Fund has attracted a small group of dedicated individuals teachers, education entrepreneurs, business and tech leaders, lawyers, NGO representatives, innovators, and engineers, known together as the Malala Fund Advisors. They came together in 2012 to support a young activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban because she advocated for girl’s education.

Currently, Malala Fund supports adolescent girls who are under Taliban threat, Girls in Syrian Refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, and adolescent girls that have been affected by Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. Team Mala has a lot of achievements to boast of, having supported thousands of girls around the world.



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